New Gauge Rubber and Speedometer cable

Mileage: 28,125

Today’s Maintenance:

  • Installed new instrument rubber surrounds
  • Installed new speedometer cable

After a lubricating the tach cable, it was much better, but still a bit twitchy. The tach and speedo cables are both available, and not too expensive, so I ordered both.  I also ordered the rubber bushings that the instruments slide into.  As discussed in a previous post, those were in pretty bad shape.

The parts arrived today, so I installed everything except the tach cable.  It turns out that to replace it I have to pull the radiator, and probably the fan, so we’ll just see how well the old cable continues to work.

The speedometer cable was easy to replace.  The old one is in very good shape, no rust on the inner cable, so  I’ll keep that one as a spare.

The old instrument rubber I didn’t keep.  As you can see in the picture below, there’s not much left of the old part (left).  The new part is on the right.  What’s interesting is that the rubber that was exposed around the top of the instrument, wasn’t too bad,  it was the stuff at the bottom that was cracked and as hard as rock.

With the new surrounds, the instruments are no longer loose.  They’ll probably last longer too as the new surrounds better absorb the vibrations.