New Front Master: Quality This Time

Mileage: 29,469

Maintenance Summary:

  • Installed New Front Brake Master Cylinder (14mm)
    • Shindy 17-652B
    • Replaced fluid  Prestone DOT-4
    • Bled brake

The eBay special $18 direct-from-China master cylinder is off the bike after only 15 miles.   The quality of the part was so poor that I didn’t want to continue to trust my life to it.  The Shindy set me back almost $140.

I was pleasantly surprised that the braking improved a bit with the Shindy.   While not a huge improvement, it is better.  I’m not sure why it’s better as it’s not obvious that the Shindy has any more mechanical advantage — lever lengths are similar — and both pistons are spec’d at 14mm.

Installation was easy, as expected.  The brake wiring, mirror and brake line/banjo bolt swapped over without any problems.   I did have to rotate the hose nipple on top of the master cylinder to allow the hose to reach the reservoir without kinking.

The only problem that I ran into was with the initial brake bleed.  I think it was probably air in the hose going to the reservoir that prevented me from pumping the brake to bleed the system; brake fluid simply wasn’t getting to the cylinder.  I ended up pulling a vacuum at the caliper to get things started.  After that I was able to complete the bleed using the brake-pump method.