Final Drive Oil, Helmet locks and passenger pegs

Current mileage: 27,933

Today’s Maintenance:

  • Changed Final Drive Oil
  • Tightened both helmet locks, they were very loose
  • Replaced passenger foot peg bolts with longer bolts
  • Drained Crankcase breather (nothing came out)

After a short ride to warm up the oil.  I drained the final drive unit and refilled with StayLube 85W/90 Hypoid oil.

Both helmet locks were loose, so I removed all of the hardware necessary to allow me to pull the chrome tubes they’re attached to, allowing access to the screws.

Case/Seat Latches and helmet lock (just visible behind tailight)

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Remove the rear seat or case
  2. Remove the shaft clips on the end of the locking bar shafts. Make note of how the seat locks are assembled, or refer to the picture, and then remove the shafts by pulling the locking bars out.
  3. Remove the bolts a the forward end of the chrome tubes, just behind side covers.
  4. Remove nut at the rear end of the chrome tubes.  The nut is on the hollow bolt through which the locking-bar shaft passed.
  5. Disconnect the tail light wires under the seat and slide the assembly off the hollow bolt.
  6. The locks are held on by a headless bolt coming in from the front, and a Phillips-head screw on the back.  Remove the screw and twist the lock and headless bolt until they are as tight as possible and the screw hole is visible through the slot.
  7. Reinstall the screw.  I added a washer to allow the screw to be tightened.  It was bottoming out without the washer.

While I had the top end of the crash bars disconnected, I removed the passenger foot pegs so that I could remove the crash bars for cleaning (they had some rust on them).  It was very hard to reassemble because the crashbar and luggage mount used up a lot of bolt thread.  I bought some slightly longer hardened bolts and installed those instead of the originals.

The badly degraded center-stand rubber bumper, which mounts on the underside of the left muffler, fell off while I was working on the bike. I reinstalled the bumber with a tie-wrap until I can obtain part to replace this one.

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