More Bike History from Previous Owner

After a very pleasant chat with the previous owner I now know a few more details about the bike’s history.

  • The PO had the bike for about 6 years, and put about 6000 miles on it, mostly in the first two years, and mostly freeway miles.  It sat after that, but was started last fall.
  • He believes the mileage is accurate.
  • He never had luggage for the bike.
  • He bought it from someone who had the bike in Arizona. (owners manual lists a California address, probably for the original purchaser).
  • The tires were on the bike when he bought it.
  • He invested about $1200 early on at a local shop having all of the usual maintenance performed.  The bike ran well when he was using it.
  • Additional maintenance performed in the last 6 years:
    • Carbs rebuilt (3 years ago,  that’s why there were cleaner than expected)
    • New thermostat  (I thought it looked new!)
    • Cooling system flushed
    • Replaced petcock with a used one from eBay.  He had a hard time finding the right one.  Original had an air leak that caused the bike to die a few times at freeway speeds.
    • Final drive oil replaced.

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